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1st place/Gold Winner of the 2020 Feathered QUill Book awards in romance

A favor for her aunt.

A favor for his uncle.

One date and it’s over . . . or is it?

After two years of providing juicy material for her aunt’s popular relationship column, Violet Monroe decides it’s time for her career as a serial blind dater to come to an end. That is until her aunt talks her into accepting one last date . . . 1700 miles away.

Future heir to his family’s media company, wildly handsome Sawyer Quinn knows what’s expected of him, but longs to break free of his overbearing mother and her suffocating expectations. When his uncle hands him an interesting opportunity, he’s pleasantly surprised when it leads to a young woman unlike any he’s ever met before, but there’s a problem—his meddling mother.


New York In Love is a full-length sweet, swoony romance with a HEA.

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Previously Published as The Witch's Portal


Sandrine’s Gift is a heartwarming magical realism novel filled with adventure, fantasy, romance, and a beautiful lesson in love and overcoming grief.

Lily Rose lost her mother—and with her, she lost her spark, her desires, her ambition. It’s only through the family legends of the mysterious woman Sandrine, and the tales of her secret Portal into a perfect life, that Lily has finally found a glimmer of hope.

When an anonymous letter leads to an encounter with a peculiar old woman, Lily finds her life intertwined with four strangers who share the common bond of grief. Driven by the desire to see their loved ones again, they accept an offer to travel through the Portal with the promise of their deepest desires awaiting them. But there is a catch.

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J.B. Pettry is the award-winning author of New York In Love, which received the 2020 Feathered Quill Gold Award in Romance. Her first novel, a women’s fiction fantasy, Sandrine’s Gift, was a seven-year journey and written as a way to channel her grief after losing her mother. Shortly after the release of the book, she shifted her focus to where her heart truly lies, contemporary romance.


The youngest of nine children, J.B. Pettry grew up in a household full of entrepreneur spirit, a trait deeply engraved in her (and her future husband!). Although there always seems to be some new dream they’re chasing, her family is the most important thing to her.


J.B. Pettry lives in the beautiful state of Utah with her husband and children. 




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